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Brill's Jubilee Beacon Bonfire

On the evening of Thursday 2nd June Brill Parish Council lit an enormous bonfire - one of 1,500 beacons across the country that was set alight for the Jubilee. Residents gathered at Brill common with flaming torches (all 200 of them sold out) to witness the occasion, with the enormous bonfire illuminating the skyline. Below you'll find a gallery of photos from the evening.


The Photos are available to download for free, however we respectfully request a donation to
Brill Sailers -the Brill Windmill Repair Fund (CLICK HERE). 

Brill Windmill, a much-loved Bucks landmark, was badly damaged by high winds on October 31st, 2021. If that wasn't bad enough, in March rampant rot was discovered in the opposing sail. £20,000 is needed to be raised to meet the specialist repair bill. So any donation would be greatly appreciated.
Further information about other Jubilee events can be found on the Brill Parish Council website.
Click here to view a gallery of Jubilee flags.

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